​P E T E R   H A R S K A M P


In 2005 the book was published:


This publication gives an impression of his oeuvre from 1990 to 2005, with many color images of paintings and sculptures. The introduction was written by philosopher and historian Frans Jeursen and the preface by Piet Bogaards.

This book has 88 pages.

Bound with hard cover.

Size 26 x 26 cm.

Publisher Optima, Vianen ISBN 90 76940 34 7

The price of this book is € 33, - including shipping.

The book is signed by Peter Harskamp.

In 2016, a new book was presented during the opening of the solo exhibition at Galerie A-Quadraat:


This edition, in honor of his 65th anniversary, mainly covers the period 2006-2016. It is a 144-page book, with as many color photographs of paintings and sculptures, an analysis of the work by art historian Dr. Andreas Bühler and an interview with Peter, by Illand Pietersma, editor-in-chief of the Kunstkrant.

The foreword was written by Joop Holthausen, journalist.

The book has 144 pages.

Bound with hard cover.

Size 30 x 30 cm.

Printer: CPi Koninklijke Wöhrmann, Zutphen

ISBN 978 90 9029584 8

Price: € 50. incl. shipping costs.

The book is signed by Peter Harskamp.

While stocks last, both books can be ordered directly from the artist. You can do this via the CONTACTFOR MULIER.

The price of the two books together is € 73, including shipping.